Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (2023)

May 15, Monday
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Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (1)

Name:Ace Hart

Story: Long Live the Queen

Parents: Queen Of Hearts

Face claim: Curran Walters

Love interest: Evie

Summary:Contrary to popular belief, Ace Hart was perfectly content with being his sister’s left hand man. He’d wanted to help her run the isle since long before she’d ever dreamt of doing such a thing. Being her enforcer, her advisor, her defender in her reign was all he’d ever wanted. There shouldn’t have been any problem. Only, there was. Ace wanted more. Specifically, Ace wanted a certain blue haired princess who’d devoted herself to good and to saving the children of the Isle. But as the changing tides in Auradon start to reflect back onto the Isle, Ace finds he might have to make a choice.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (2)

Name:Princess Addie

Story: Untitled

Parents: Belle & Adam

Face claim: Liana Liberato

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (3)

Name:Alina Romanova

Story: Untitled

Parents: Anastasia Romanov & Dimitri

Face claim: Maude Apatow

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (4)

Name:Anissa Radcliffe

Story: Ties That Bind

Parents: Anita & Roger Radcliffe

Face claim: Maia Mitchell

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (5)

Name:Arden Of DunBroch

Story: A Change Of Fate

Parents: Merida

Face claim: Hailee Steinfeld

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (6)

Name:Avalon Le Fay

Story: King and Lionheart

AO3 |FFNet |Wattpad

Parents: Merlin & Morgana Le Fay

Face claim: Emma Dumont

Love interest: Jay; eventual Jay & Harry

Summary:Nimue, daughter of Arthur and Gwen, and Avalon Le Fay, daughter or Merlin and Morgana, had always been thick as thieves, and had always been ready to declare war on Auradon. Ever since the formation of the Isle, King Adam and the Fairy Godmother had been insisting that Morgana was still a villain, and therefore belonged on the Isle, and once Avalon was born, she agreed–so long as her daughter could stay in Camelot. When Arthur was killed barely a year later, Merlin and Gwen partnered up to raise their daughters and run a kingdom, until the girls would be old enough to do so themselves. Of course Auradon never trusted the one kingdom that refused to unite, and insisted that the girls be sent to Auradon prep, and so they went–reluctant as could be. Everything was fine, mostly–the other princesses looked down on Nimue’s love of swordfighting, and Avalon was never seen as anything but a villain kid, but they still had each other. They could tolerate it all, biding their time. But at sixteen years of age, everything they’d ever planned gets thrown for a loop when it’s declared that four children from the Isle would be moving to Auradon.

Nimue belongs to@seaweedhufflepuffocs

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (7)


Story: Ever Just As Sure (As The Sun Will Rise)

Parents: The Beast & The Enchantress

Faceclaim: Taissa Farmiga

Summary:If King Adam had known the price of banishing magic from Auradon, he might have reconsidered. But the former Beast was a stubborn man who refused to heed any warnings, and it had backfired. He hadn’t known that banishing all magic would rip the last remains of the Enchantress’ curse from his veins, hadn’t known that the magic would redirect itself into the Enchantress, and he certainly hadn’t known that it would lead to the immediate birth of his firstborn child. But it had. And while he had no qualms about sending the Enchantress to the Isle, the queen had refused to send her stepdaughter, and so Princess Beatrice had been raised in Auradon alongside her younger brother. She knew the truth about her birth, and she knew that her father hated her with every fibre of his being, but she didn’t care. What she did care about was Ben’s decision to bring children from the Isle to Auradon - children that could have been her, had Belle not stepped in - and proving to her father, once and for all, that her generation is something more than just the children of heroes and villains, that they can be their own people and make their own choices. And maybe the children of the four baddest villains are the perfect people to help her with that plan.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (8)

Name:Bessie Sawyer

Story: Untitled

Parents: Becky Thatcher & Tom Sawyer

Face claim: Saorise Ronan

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (9)


Story: Faith, Trust (And A Little Pixie Dust)

Parents: N/A

Faceclaim: Bailee Madison

Love Interest: Ben

Summary:When a new baby laughs for the first time a new fairy is born. When Prince Benjamin Florian laughed for the first time, Blossom was born. From that day forth, the prince and his “fairy godsister” were inseparable. The citizens of Auradon always joked that their rulers had given them both a prince and a princess when Ben was born, and Blossom was beloved by the kingdom. But when her prince brings four villain children to Auradon, Blossom is afraid - afraid for her kingdom, afraid for her safety, and afraid for her prince. She is Ben’s fairy, she has to protect him at all costs; she has to dowhateverit takes to make sure that Ben’s first action as king is a success, even if it means saving the VKs from themselves.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (10)

Name:Chessy Of Arendelle

Story: All Is Found

Parents: Redacted / Anna & Kristoff

Face claim: Mackenzie Foy

Love Interest: Ben

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (11)

Name:Chiara Potts

Story: Certain As The Sun (Rising In The East)

Parents: Chip Potts & Redacted

Faceclaim: Danielle Rose Russell

Love Interest: Ben & Evie

Summary:Chiara Potts is as far from a princess as you can get - well, unless you ask Cinderella. She’s the daughter of a servant, and the granddaughter of a servant. And she herself is a servant. Granted, they don’t call her that, but Chiara is only the latest in the long line of Potts’ to serve the royal family. Still, despite being his chief of staff and majordomo, Ben is her best friend. And yes, maybe her job is the reason that they’re inseparable, but they still are. So of course, Chiara is the first person to know about his plans to bring Villain Kids to Auradon. She’s also the first person to defend his idea, and the person that he asks to help them settle in. But when Chiara overhears their plans, she has to decide - will she try to change their minds and prove Ben right to all of Auradon, or will she have to go against him - and what will that cost her?

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (12)


Story: We Could Be Immortals (Just Not For Long)

Parents: Poseison

Face claim: Holland Roden

Summary:Poseidon isn’t a hero. He’s a god, yes, but not a hero. His granddaughter Ariel is a hero, his nephew Hercules is a hero, but Poseidon is not a hero. So no one is really sure why his youngest daughter has just started at Auradon Prep, only days after Ben announced the impending arrival of four villain kids. But Chryseis knows. Mal, daughter of Maleficent, is also the daughter of Hades, and the Olympians are afraid. And Chryseis, only sixteen and still learning to be a goddess, is the only person who can find out her intentions, the only person who can stop her from potentially destroying Olympus.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (13)


Story: Into The Unknown

Parents: Redacted

Face claim: Abigail Cowen

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (14)

Name:Elise Charming

Story: Enchanted

Parents: Prince Charming & Cinderella

Face claim: Sabrina Carpenter

Love interest: Evie

Summary:Princess Elizabeth Victoria Isabelle Katherine Grace Regina Alexandria James – more affectionately known as Elise Charming – had been raised on one simple lesson. Have courage and be kind. And for sixteen years, she had lived by those words. Alongside her twin brother Chad and their best friends Ben and Audrey, Elise had been picture perfect royalty. The four of them were perfectly sweet, perfectly charming, perfectly… well, perfectly perfect. But when Ben, weeks away from his coronation, decides to bring over four Villain Kids from the Isle of the Lost, their perfect group falls apart. Elise is sure that they can get through it, that they can hold their heads high and rebuild their perfect friendship, and that everything will be okay. And then the Villain Kids arrive in Auradon, and the most beautiful girl in the world steps out of the limousine.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (15)

Name:Finley Rider

Story: Stolen Heart

Parents: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Face claim: Virginia Gardner

Love interest: past Ben; Jay; eventual Ben & Jay

Summary:Finley Rider – Princess Finley Fitzherbert – was all set to live a fairytale life. She was the heir to the throne of Corona, her parents’ pride and joy, and betrothed to her best friend, Prince Benjamin. But when a ten year old Finley gets bored at a museum gala and decides to see how many artifacts she can lift without getting noticed, everything changes. When the Beast King catches her stealing Jafar’s staff, he loses his temper. The child is sent to the Isle, Corona breaks ties with Auradon, and Ben loses his best friend.

On her first day on the Isle, Finley gets caught stealing a bracelet off of Lady Tremaine. But rather than tell the woman, the boy introduces himself as Jay, son of Jafar, and offers Finley a partnership. Their alliance soon grows into a friendship, and Jay introduces Finley to the other VKs, bringing her into their team. The five of them rule the island with ease, causing trouble wherever they go. It isn’t perfect, but Finley has learned to move on from Corona, and from Auradon. So of course, that’s when Prince Ben makes his first royal proclamation; bringing children of the Isle to Auradon. The daughter of Maleficent, the son of Jafar, the daughter of the Evil Queen, and the son of Cruella De Vil. And the princess of Corona.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (16)

Name:Gloria Gothel

Story: Mother Knows Best

Parents: Mother Gothel

Face claim: Melissa Barrera

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (17)


Story: Untitled

Parents: Grumpy

Face claim: Joshua Bassett

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (18)

Name:Halle Finn

Story: Untitled

Parents: Huckleberry Finn

Face claim: Kathryn Newton

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (19)

Name:Hannah Westergaard

Story: Untitled

Parents: Hans Westergaard

Face claim: Kat McNamara

Summary:As far as children of the Isle went, Hannah Westergaard was pretty standard. Abusive father, no known mother, and no special talents of abilities whatsoever. As much as she hates to admit it, she’sboringby the Isle’s standards, so why on earth is Prince Ben inviting her to Auradon? And more importantly, why does it seem like maybe she isn’t quite as boring as she’s been lead to believe?

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (20)

Name:Harley Hook

Story: Lost Girl

Parents: Captain Hook

Face claim: India Eisley

Love interest: Jay; possible endgame Jay & Gil

Summary:Harley Hook was a pirate, through and through. Always at her brother’s side, always with Uma and the crew, always near her beloved Gil, Harley Hook was a pirate. And as a pirate, she absolutely hated Mal’s gang. They thought that they were so much better than anyone, just because of Mal’s mom - big whoop, it’s not like Maleficent could even use magic on the Isle. So yeah, Harley hated the VKs, her loyalty was to the crew, and she was never seen away from Harry or Gil. And then the princeling decides to bring children of some of the worst villains to Auradon: Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos. And Harley. Harley couldn’t be more furious at being taken away from her crew, or at being sent to Auradon, or at being forced to work with the VKs to get Fairy Godmother’s wand. But she knows that if she wants to get back to the Isle, back to her family, she needs that barrier down as much as they do. She’s just not sure that they can cooperate long enough for that.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (21)

Name:Harmony Of Atlantis

Story: Carved Out Of The Sea

Parents: Ariel & Prince Eric

Face claim: Kaya Scodelario

Love interest: Harry Hook

Summary:Princess Harmony was a youngest child’s youngest child, she knew that she would never be anything special. Her mom wasAriel, and her sister Melody had united their parents’ kingdoms. Harmony was nothing in comparison. So Harmony went on her own adventures, swimming as far as she could and discovering the wonders of the world outside of Atlantis. She’d heard of the Isle of the Lost of course, everyone had, but she never planned on finding it. She never planned on swimming through the barrier, or on finding out that she would no longer be able to turn into a mermaid when she did, or on never being able to swim back across. And so, Harmony grew up on the Isle along with the children of the villains. She befriended pirates and princesses and everything in between, and she almost forgot about life in Atlantis. And then the future king summons four of the children of the Isle to Auradon, and Harmony knows that she has to seize her only chance at returning to her home, even if it means leaving behind her partner - in crime and in love - Harry Hook.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (22)


Story: Dying Is An Art

Parents: Hades & Maleficent

Face claim: Jenny Boyd

Summary:Hayden was raised by Hades, knowing full well who her mother - and sister - was. But Mal doesn’t know about her. So for most of her life, Hayden hid. She hid away in her dad’s cave and had very few friends. And then Prince Ben summons five Villain Kids to Auradon - the son of Jafar, the son of Cruella De Vil, the daughter of the Evil Queen, the daughter of Maleficent, and the daughter of Hades. But only Hayden knows the truth. And now she has to keep her secret, and try to stop her sister and her friends from stealing the wand, but she might have to choose between her two missions.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (23)


Story: Long Live the Queen

Parents: Hades & Persephone

Face claim: Teagan Croft

Love interest: Queenie Hart

Summary:Living on the Isle wasn’t easy, but there was something particularly difficult about it for a goddess. Her dad couldn’t be kept on the Isle–they’d tried, no one died anymore, he was allowed to return to the Underworld. But when Helena was born, she was cast away to join the rest of the Villains and their children, forced to fend for herself. Being a goddess had its advantages too, she was able to survive and rise up with no problem. Soon she was the right hand to the newest queen, and hell would freeze before she let anyone take that away from them.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (24)

Name:Princess Isabelle

Story: Tale As Old As Time

Parents: Belle & The Beast

Face claim: Danielle Campbell

Love interest: Audrey

Summary:By all rights, Princess Isabelle should be next in line for the throne of Auradon. She was the firstborn child of the king, after all, and much more politically minded than her twin brother. But her father, beast that he was, had no intention of ever letting her take her rightful place as queen. But Belle is her mother’s daughter, and has no intentions of giving up, she just needs a new plan. And then Ben decides to bring children of the Isle to Auradon, and Isabelle finds herself in the perfect position to get exactly what she’s always wanted. If only she can go through with it.

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (25)

Name:Isadora Darling

Story: Second Star To The Left

Parents: Jane Darling

Face claim: Olivia Holt

Love Interest: Harry Hook

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (26)

Name:Kate Turner

Story: Untitled

Parents: Elizabeth Swann & Will Turner

Face claim: Grace Van Dien

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (27)

Name:Keto Jones

Story: Untitled

Parents: Davy Jones

Face claim: Natalie Alyn Lind

Love Interest: Harry Hook

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (28)

Name:Crystal Of Arendelle

Story: More Than Just The Spare

Parents: Anna & Kristoff

Face claim: Willow Shields

Descendants OC Masterlist A-K (29)

Name:Princess Kyra

Story: Ties That Bind

Parents: Jasmine & Aladdin

Face claim: Naomi Scott

Love Interest: Jay

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