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"Ruggie on the other hand...well, he's pretty cheek and mischievous, but he's quite hilarious and goofy. Not to mentioned attractive when he makes his cheeky lil smirk. I also like how nurturing and hardworking he is since grew up in the slums. I don't blame him. It's sucks to be poor, but I'm glad that he's doing fine and I did help him with carrying Leona's clothes the other day. He's pretty cool to hang out with."

"Then there's Leona, who can be an ass from most of the time. He's actually a sweet, protective, chill, and down-to-earth guy. Then again, I get why people see him as this lazy ass guy which he is, makes sense since he reminds me of Scar from the Lion King. Except he's a sexy human version of Scar all honesty, I find his scar on his right eye hot and his voice...." Glory then let's out a sigh causing the three ghosts to giggle at her reaction.

"Damn, I just can' oof. He sounds so sexy." She admits while fanning herself.

"Mmm hmmm...." The ghosts hums with huge sly smirks. Glory soon what she said and shakes her head with a flushed look.

"But overall, we're just friends. That's all. Nothing to it." Glory reassures with a sheepish smile.

"Oh yeah? What about the twins from Octavinelle?" The chubby ghost ask.

"And Azul?" The skinny ghost chimes.

"Like I said before. We're just friends!" Glory retaliates.

"How about Rook?" The chubby ghost ask making her flustered even more.

"As I said before, we are JUST friends." She reminds them feeling when face turn red by the second.

"Suuuure..." The three ghosts sarcastically replies with huge smirks not buying what she said. Glory let's out a sigh and pinch her forehead as she glance back at the cheeky ghosts.

"Guys come on, I just got back from Savanaclaw and this is what I get in return?" Glory dryly sasses making the three ghosts laugh at her flustered reaction and smiled.

"Alright, alright. We'll stop pestering you. Besides, you and Grim are quite exhausted so we'll just let you guys rest for tonight." The skinny ghost advises and she smiles.

"Thanks." She said as the three ghosts vanished from her room. Afterwards, Glory turns around to see Grim taking a nap on her bed causing her to giggle softly at her grey kitty friend. Then she heads straight to her desk to pull out her notebook and her pencil as she writes her ninth entry.

Dear mom and dad,

It's been awhile since I wrote my diary entry. I'm sorry for not writing to you guys. I was at the Savanaclaw dorm for three days. Yeah, crazy right? I made a deal with Azul five days ago where I first perform onstage at the Mostro Lounge as "Ophelia". That's what Azul called me cuz of a character from the play of Hamlet. Thanks to Grim and the A-Deuce duo, I have to make a deal to get them out along with the other idiots that sign a contract with him. Afterwards, Merlin called Leona to let me and Grim stay at his dorm for three days because I used my dorm as the collateral. And we won't get it back until we grab the picture from the Atlantica Memorial Museum. Honestly, I was quite happy that let me stay at his dorm. I also appreciate Leona being kind to me throughout my three days with him and...allow me share a bed with him. Heheh. But it's great to talk to him again along with Ruggie. I even have fun training with them the next day where I learned a few tricks from them. Then it's off the tour at Octavinelle dorm. I hate to admit this, but his dorm looks pretty cool. It reminds me of an underwater mafia with a hint of Ursula vibes from it. I even became fond of the aquarium that Azul and the twins have. It takes me back to when I was a kid when me, Zara, and Harriet went on a field trip at the aquarium. But that doesn't mean I'm swoon by him. Afterwards, it's off to the museum at Coral Sea where I have transformed into a mermaid thanks to a certain octopus. I have to say, the first time me and my friends arrived at the museum, I was so fascinated by the tall exterior of the building. It gives me Ariel's castle vibes. However the first time we tried to grab the photo wasn't a great start cuz I found the moonstone opal and it was not a pretty picture. I accidentally hurt someone and that someone happens to be Jade. The vice leader of the Octavinelle dormitory. I felt so bad for hurting him. I was trying to control my moonstone power, but I ended losing control. At first, I was scared of hurting everyone with my moonstone opal. However thanks to the reassurance that was given to me and my friends, I felt a bit better. I just need to practice controlling my moonstone power. it's a good thing that the twins stop by at the infirmary. I healed Jade and we were good terms, but we were also in opposite sides so we have to get the photo before the last day. The next day, we tried to break into the vault, but that one failed because Azul place an electrical spell on the desk and thank god I didn't get shocked because I KNEW it was going to happen. At first, I didn't really like how Azul is doing with the students and his contract business, but soon I knew exactly why. He was doing this because he hates his octopus form. No wonder why he was so desperate to keep his contracts in his vault. Not only that, but he also wants my attention. Despite his charismatic yet calculating ways, he's an insecure person who just wanted to be accepted by society, but was bullied because of this octopus form. I feel bad for him. It's no wonder why would he do this. I don't blame him. Bullying f*#ks you up pretty badly. Just how it did to me back when I was a kid. Looks like me and Azul are the same when it comes to bullying. Hell, I find it pretty cool that Azul is an octopus. Besides, Octopi are my favorite animals along with moray eels. I even became close friends with them after I healed him. Hopefully, he'll learn his lesson about stealing other people's magic cuz he'll always be the smart, hardworking, resourceful, passionate, and coolest octopus that I known and loved. After I brought Azul back to the light, Grim and I head back to the Savanaclaw dorm to get our stuff where Leona gave me an African basket that Cheka gave to him after the magift tournament. It was so sweet of him to give me one of his three baskets. Such a softie. I hope you're doing well over there. Hopefully, I'll be coming right back to your world once Crowley finds a way back to my home. Tell Zara and Harriet that I missed them and I will come back someday!


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